About us

The „Wattenkieker“ is a family business and since 1962 our „home“.

We are determent to keep the beautiful nature in front of our door for the next generation in the best shape as possible.

More then any other commercial business sector the tourist business depends on an intact environment. Since 2010 our contribution to protecting the climate is a chopped-goods-heating and a solarplant. This construction produces hot water for the rooms and kitchen as well as for heating the rooms. The needed energy, produced by solar and biomass, is 100 percent sustainable. Besides we also decrease the energy consumption by using LED spotlights, water efficiency devices etc. In 2015 we installed a charging station for electric cars (43kW / 63A type 2). This service is free for hotel guests.

The surrounding area

Use the Wattenkieker as initial point for your excursion. In Cuxhaven and its surroundings you can discover many points of interest. The unique nature invites you to extensive walks. Even in the favoured summer month you will find rest and recovery in the close-by Wernerwald (forest) and in the salt meadows.

By bike you can discover the surrounding landscape on even cycle paths.

Without any question, a ride with a horse coach across the Wadden Sea to Neuwerk island should be part of your vacation.

Sahlenburg is also a paradise for surfers. Our guests watch them with pleasure and are astonished by their daring maneuvers.

On the flat coast the little ones can have a blast digging, bathing and playing to their heart’s content. Nearby you will find an adventure playground and a tree-climbing park with various parcours.

It will be our pleasure to help and give advise for making your holidays memorable.